March 30, 2024

Tucson's Strongest Man


Tucson, AZ

Welcome to another event at Evolve Gym! 

If you participated in Static Monsters, send me a message before registering. I have a discount code for you. 

If you are a member at Evolve Gym, message me, I have a discount code for you. 

Interested in sponsoring? Shoot me a message! 

Spectator Expectations: 

Spectators are to pay a fee of 10 dollars (per person) at the door. This fee is payable via cash or venmo. 

Family Prices 

3-4: 20 dollars 

5+: 30 dollars 

Spectators ARE NOT to utilize equipment at the gym. They are expected to respect the home. A 5 dollar entry fee is not a waiver, nor is it a day pass. 

Spectators are to respect the individuals at the show. This includes other athletes, volunteers, and judges. Respect is the expectation all around! 

Athlete Expectations:

Have a good time! 

Be a good sport. 

Address issues with the promoter, not the judges, volunteer, or gym owner. 


Event 1: Max Axle or Log Press 

Athletes may choose the event they wish to axle. YOUR TOP LIFT IS SCORED AGAINST ALL TOP LIFTS IN YOUR WEIGHT CLASS! My hope is that athletes will choose the event they most want to hit a PR in. 

Men: 20 pound jumps, third attempt athletes may choose. 

Women: 10 pound jumps, third attempt athletes may choose. 

Equipment allowed: Grip shirts, belts, wrist wraps…

Not allowed: Wrist wraps, tacky, sticky stuff, multiply suits (not sure why you would do this)... 

Event 2: Wagon Wheel Axle Deadlift *Trump Weight! 

Athletes will choose one of two axles to deadlift. One rep at the heavier axle trumps any number of reps at the lighter axle. 

Max reps in a minute. Athletes will strap in before the event starts. 

Equipment allowed: Suits, straps, briefs. 

Not allowed: Tacky, sticky stuff that isn’t chalk, forklifts or heavy machinery. 

Event 3: Last Man Standing Frame

Athletes will have 30 seconds to carry a frame 25 feet. One drop is allowed. 

4 Attempts per athlete. 

Jumps: 20 pounds

*The stall mats are there for a reason. Do not drop the frame off the stall mat. 

Equipment allowed: Chalk, belts. 

Not allowed: Sticky substances or strap. 

Event 4: Torture Triangle 

Athletes will start under the yoke, with the height of their choosing. Athletes will run a yoke 25 feet down. Athlete will then run to a keg located about 12 feet away from the yoke. Athlete will press the keg once. Athlete will finish the run with a sandbag carry (25 feet) and load over the bar. 

Fastest time wins. 

*NOTE: Keg must be dropped on the drop pad. Intentional drops onto the stall mat will result in a 3 second penalty. 

Equipment allowed: Anything but tacky. 

Not allowed: tacky

Awards: 1st-3rd in each division. 

Evolve Physical Therapy & Evolve Gym
7940 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
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Mar 30, 2024

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Charles Pierce
Events and Weights
Division Max Log or Axle Trump AxleLast Man Standing Frame CarryTriangle Torture (Yoke, Keg Press, Sandbag Carry and Load)
Novice Women (Single Class)TBD180/240Starting Weight: 80200/50/50
Open W LW (132-)TBD210/270Starting Weight: 80300/80/150
Open W MW (165-)TBD250/300Starting Weight: 80360/100/150
Open W HW (198-)TBD300/340Starting Weight: 80420/120/150
Open W SHW (+)TBD320/360Starting Weight: 8045/120/150
Masters Women (Single Class)TBD210/270Starting Weight: 80300/80/150
Teen W LW (165-)TBD140/180Starting Weight: 80180/50/50
Teen W HW (165+)TBD140/180Starting Weight: 80180/50/50
Novice Men (Single Class)TBD340/400Starting Weight: 200450/150/150
Open M LW (181-)TBD380/440Starting Weight: 200500/150/200
Open M MW (220-)TBD440/500Starting Weight: 200600/200/240
Open M HW (275-)TBD500/560Starting Weight: 200700/200/280
Open M SHW (+)TBD560/620Starting Weight: 200800/245/310
Masters Men (Single Class)TBD420/460Starting Weight: 200550/150/200
Teen M LW (220-)TBDTBDStarting Weight: 200240/50/100
Teen M HW (220+)TBDTBDStarting Weight: 200240/50/100

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 02, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 30 athletes.
2 spots remain.