February 4, 2024

Untamed Strength's Strongest Novice


Sacramento, CA

This is an opportunity to try your calloused hand at competing in a Strongman competition!

This competition is for first-timers: anyone who has never competed in a sanctioned strongman competition. You can still compete if you have competed in a Novice show but failed to podium (1st-3rd). If you have won 1st-3rd in a Novice show, this show is not for you. 

Please follow @untamedstrength on Instagram for updates.

All competitors will weigh in on the day of the competition. Weigh-ins will be held between 7am-8:30am on competition day. Rules will be announce at 8:45am. Competition starts at 9am.

If there are fewer than 3 competitors in a weight class, weight classes will be combined. 


Event #1 - Madewell Deadlift for Reps: Competitors will deadlift a barbell with Madewell Attachments. Max reps in 60 seconds. Touch and Go reps are allowed. Competitor must wait for a "DOWN" command. Wrist Straps and belt are allowed. Deadlift suit is not allowed. Sumo stance is not allowed. 

Event #2 - Barbell Clean & Press (max attempt): Competitors will clean & overhead press a barbell for a 1 rep maximum lift. The posted weights are the starting weights. The bar will increase by 20 lbs per attempt for men, 10 lbs per attempt for women. Each competitor will have 3 attempts to clean & press as much weight as possible. You will have 30 secs to complete each attempt. You can use your 3 attempts whenever you'd like. You can skip any weight. You will be credited with your highest successful completed attempt. If you fail to complete a weight in 30 seconds, you are out of the rotation. Use your attempts wisely. Any Clean style is allowed - continental, power, olympic, etc. Any pressing style is allowed: strict, push press, power jerk, split jerk. Competitor must wait for a "DOWN" command. Belt, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps allowed. 

Event #3 - Farmer's Carry for Max Distance: Competitors will carry farmer's handles as far as possible, no time limit. The course will be 80-100' down & back until failure. Once the handles drop, distance will be measured. Hook Grip is not allowed. Straps are not allowed. Belt is allowed. 

Event #4 - Loading Medley: Each competitor will carry and/or load 3 implements. The first implement will be a sandbag, carried 40' and loaded over a bar. Competitor will sprint back to the 2nd implement, a keg, and carry it 20' before loading it over the same bar. Competitor will sprint to the 3rd implement, an atlas stone, and load it over a bar (no carry) for as many reps as possible in the time remaining. 60 sec time limit. Belt is allowed, no tacky.

Please email untamedstrength@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Untamed Strength
5780 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95841
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Feb 04, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Alan Thrall
Events and Weights
Division Madewell Deadlift for RepsBarbell Clean & PressFarmer's Walk for DistanceLoading Medley
Novice Girls Teen 13-17155 lbsStarting Weight 65 lbs80 lbs/hand80 SB, 80 Keg, 100 Stone
Novice W LW under 180200 lbsStarting Weight 85 lbs110 lbs/hand132 SB, 115 Keg, 120 Stone
Novice W HW 181+240 lbsStarting Weight 85 lbs130 lbs/hand150 SB, 135 Keg, 155 Stone
Novice Masters Women 40+180 lbsStarting Weight 85 lbs90 lbs/hand100 SB, 115 Keg, 120 Stone
Novice Girls Youth 12 & under120 lbsStarting Weight 45 lbs55 lbs/hand50 SB, 60 keg, 60 Med Ball
Novice Masters Men 40+310 lbsStarting Weight 125 lbs150 lbs/hand175 SB, 135 Keg, 200 Stone
Novice Boys Youth 12 & under140 lbsStarting Weight 65 lbs90 lbs/hand60 SB, 60 Keg, 75 Stone
Novice Boys Teen 13-17220 lbsStarting Weight 65 lbs120 lbs/hand100 SB, 80 Keg, 100 Stone
Novice M LW under 220350 lbsStarting Weight 165 lbs180 lbs/hand200 SB, 165 Keg, 222 Stone
Novice M HW 221+400 lbsStarting Weight 165 lbs210 lbs/hand225 SB, 190 Keg, 240 Stone

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 04, 2024

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 14 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
30 spots remain.